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HEXA makes it easy for you to become a Korean fried chicken master. Every secret ingredient you need is in the box: Fried Chicken Flour, Sauces, Seasonings. Fix your craving and impress your friends and family members by preparing authentic Korean fried chicken at home! Try it and share with your Korean fried chicken journey on social media with hashtag #HEXAKOREANFC

What’s inside the box:


Crunchy, juicy fried battered chicken, a delicious, indulgent way to have chicken. Perfect with some juice or a carbonated drink! To make the chicken extra crunchy and crispy, Korean use tapioca flour or potato starch due to it's light consistency. This flour will give you a thick but runny batter.


Gochujang is a spicy Korean condiment, also known as hot pepper paste, it has a bold sweet, spicy and umami flavor with an underlying funk. It’s used as a sauce and marinade in many Korean food and lends the iconic red color to many dishes and is perfect as a Korean fried chicken sauce (yangnyeom sauce) or as a glaze to brush on protein! Use it on Korean fried chicken, seafood, beef or even tofu and vegetables! It can also be used to flavor soups or stews and can be added to salad dressings, dipping sauces, or can be used in fried rice, such as this Kimchi Fried Rice recipe.



Kids and adults favourite! This soy and honey garlic sauce has the perfect balance of flavours. The sweetness of the honey and brown sugar, saltiness of soy sauce, and the tang of the vinegar blends together into a delicious sticky glaze.  They are sweet, finger-licking good and very addictive. 



Let’s go on a flavorful ride with this ultimate seaweed seasonings! Superb seaweed seasonings that enhance the taste and brings out the sweetness of chicken by adding an umami (savory) taste to a wide variety of dishes. The versatility of seaweed seasoning can be incorporated in many types of dishes, especially rice and noodles. It is suitable for seasoning fish and vegetables, potatoes, eggs, salads, soups, and basically any food you fancy eating. Popcorn can go from being a fun snack to an extraordinary one with a few sprinkles of seaweed seasoning.


  • Halal and HACCP certified
  • Maintains your bones healthy- Chicken is rich in phosphorus and calcium,which helps to keep your bones healthy.
  • Lessen risk of heart attacks- Chicken has a large amount of vitamin B6 which decreases the possibility of heart attack.
  • Strengthen immunity- Chicken has a large number trace minerals, which improves your immunity system.


Good food leads to a good mood.

We're here to fill your life with an exotic taste which you may not find easily anywhere else. Cook the kind of food that everyone remembers. Brimming with flavor and life, easy to cook. It can only be found in Ebaza. 


Korean Fried Chicken Flour

All purpose flour, corn starch, rice flour, oats fibre, salt & thickener (e414)

Soy Garlic Sauce

Sugar, Prune sauce, Soy sauce, Cooking oil, Hoisin sauce (contains soy, gluten, sesame), garlic flakes, water & sesame.

Spicy Gochujang Sauce

Sugar, Maltose, Water, Tornato sauce, Soy Sauce, Onion, Cooking Oil, Garlic, Chili Powder, Sesame, Cinnamon, Ginger, Permitted food colouring, Permitted preservative & Sweetener.

Seaweed Flavour Seasoning

Sesame seed, Sugar, Seaweed flakes, Salt & Garlic.

Cooking Instructions

  1.  Dip 1kg of chicken pieces into the batter (Mixture of 100g HEXA Korean Fried Chicken Flour and 200ml of water).
  2. Fry the coated chicken until golden brown @180’c for 3 minutes and set aside for 1 minute. Fry the chicken again for around 8-10 minutes or until golden brownnish colour.
  3. Toss the fried chicken in 75g of Korean sauces (Spicy Gochujang or Garlic Soy). Lastly, sprinkle with HEXA Seaweed flavour seasoning and serve!



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Wanna know more about our company?

You can visit us at: or here's a short story: 

Our company was established in 1997. From a humble setup of manual types of machinery, today fully automated grinding and packaging types of machinery are used to meet our growing business demands. It is our goal to make"Krisanya" & "HEXA" household brands that define Quality, Affordability, and Taste. 

We manufacture a wide range of products such as Spices, Seasonings, Marinates, Herbs, Flour & Curry Powder. Our current sales channels include the Retail (hypermarket, supermarket, mini market, etc), Food Service and Online too. Any question regarding our products, you can email us at

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