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HEXA HALAL 4 IN 1 American 85gm + British 85gm + Italian 24gm Bottles + Drinks 70gm (4 Bottles) + Free Gift

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HEXA Christmas 4 IN 1 American 85g + British 85g + Italian 24g Bottles + Drinks 70g (4bottles) + FREE Christmas Pouch
HEXA exotic signature spices are an irresistible combination of flavours that make a wonderfully delicious Christmas gift, especially when paired with festive, holiday-exclusive GIFTS!
Send this selection of our best spice mixed: Cajun spice, lemon pepper seasoning, BBQ seasoning, and many more, … as a savory addition to any gathering or a thoughtful GIFT.
The HEXA signature designed Happy Holidays makes this gift box the perfect way to celebrate the season!
This product is Halal.
What you will get for this Set:
1. HEXA HALAL American 4 IN 1 BBQ & Steak Seasoning (85g) BBQ Seasoning, Cajun, Garlic Salt, Lemon Pepper
2. HEXA HALAL British 4 In 1 Table Seasoning (85g) Garlic, Chili, Black Pepper, Rock Salt
3. HEXA HALAL Italian 4 In 1 Herbs Series (24g) Oregano / Parsley / Rosemary / Basil
4. HEXA HALAL Salad & drinks seed series(70gm) Chia / Basil / Sumac / Black seed
5. Christmas Pouch FREE GIFT.
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