Fennel Spices : “Spices” by Sapna Anand X Hexa Food

Fennel Spices : “Spices” by Sapna Anand X Hexa Food

“Fennel + Meat, yay or nay?”

We’ll explore this wonderful spice along with Sapna Anand as she tells us how she uses this common yet bizarre spice. “Fennel has been known to herbalists and doctors since time immemorial; It was believed to be the total cure and to have the power to make people young” – from The Spice Book

Fennel seed has a sweet licorice taste when you bite into it. It is commonly used ingredient in many spice blends, spice rubs, infusion, in teas, cakes, desserts and cookies. I personally add them very generously into any gamy meats like turkey, lamb and mutton to mask that gamy smell. This spice is known for its antioxidant, natural breath sweetener and aids in digestion. Fennel powder comes from grinding fennel seeds into a fine powdered form. It is best stored in a dark cool place. I always store them in my chiller.

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